Crested Butte South, known by locals as CB South, is the largest subdivision in the valley, and is home to about 10% of all the residents in the county. A big portion of year-round residents and local families of Crested Butte live here, and enjoy an array of amenities in the neighborhood, including over 30 acres of open space and the centrally located Red Mountain Park, which features two ice rinks, a playground, a softball field, a basketball court, tennis courts, and a picnic area.

CB South homes are in large portion medium size single family homes with bigger lots than other areas nearby offer, and it also has a healthy mix of duplexes and condos. It is considered one of the more affordable areas in Crested Butte, making it highly sought after by locals and their families.

CB South also has a growing business district, which is master planned and projected to develop into its own community hub at the heart of the neighborhood over the next decade. This district is already home to restaurants, a coffee shop, a convenience store, a liquor store, and other small local businesses like a gym, a dental office, a chiropractic clinic, property management offices, and more.

The CB South Property Owners Association plans and hosts community events throughout the year, including a weekly farmer’s market and free summer concerts in the summer.

CB South residents have access to recreation in their backyard year round, with a selection of mountain bike trails near Cement Creek Road (like the Reno Ridge/Flag/Bear loop, Deadman’s Gulch, Walrod, Middle Cement Creek), hikes like the Caves, groomed and maintained Nordic ski trails at Spahn Ranch and Cement Creek Road, and fishing rights on the river that are exclusive to homeowners.